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Encapsulated Riser


An Encapsulated Riser (the riser is contained within  all limb laminations) creates a more rigid riser, which reduces hand-shock and transfers more energy into the arrow.  It also negates the risk, sometimes taken by other bowyers, of any belly laminations lifting off the riser due to being ground through and insufficient adhesion.



G10's flexural strength (lengthwise and crosswise) is more than 3 times greater than Linen Micarta. This is why G10 is preferred over Micarta in risers and tip overlays. G10 is tough on saw blades and abrasives, but it makes a superior bow. 

Thunderbird Finish


Thunderbird Epoxy Bow Finish is considerably more durable than catalyzed varnishes that can be removed with acetone or can flake off with the scrape of a fingernail. Thunderbird isn't the easiest finish to apply, but the finished product is well worth the extra work. 

Radiussed , Narrowed, and Beveled Shelf


A Radiussed, Narrowed, Beveled Shelf reduces feather interference, and makes a bow less susceptible to "improper" bow-arm behavior and pre-ignition movements . 

Limb Cores


Care is taken to match and orientate vertically laminated bamboo lams and veneers to achieve optimal limb stability.

Additional Options

Warren Bow Bolt (Additional $300)


The Warren Bow Bolt TakeDown System is the best 2-Piece TakeDown (TD) system on the market today for bowyer and consumer. The Bolt allows for tool-less assembly of your bow with a quarter turn. It allows for a cost effective TD option that doesn't lend to inconsistencies and failures like the socket and tenon systems, as well as being more aesthetically pleasing. 

Typically, wood scales are used to dress up the G10 fiberglass material that encases the bolt. Using G10 assures failure will not occur as is possible in an all wood riser. This material's flexural strength (lengthwise and crosswise) is more than 3 times greater than Linen Micarta.

Twill Carbon (Additional $200 for Back and Belly)


Replacing Glass with Twill Carbon on the Back and Belly of the Bow has multiple benefits. Before the first arrow even hits the target, an archer will notice a reduced amount of handshock.  This allows an archer to run lighter arrow setups and really reap the benefits of the Carbon. On the second and third shots the Archer may notice that he/she is grouping tighter, this is due to the increased limb stability the Carbon provides.

 *The Draw-Force Cycle stiffens up sooner on the Carbon Perceptions, so an archer considering Carbon may want to gravitate towards a longer bow.

G10 Riser (Additional $100)


G10 makes a great riser material.  G10 has exhibits greater rigidity and greater density than Linen Micarta. Also, G10's flexural strength (lengthwise and crosswise) is more than 3 times greater. 

G10 Accents (Additional $50)


Colorful G10 accents can be used to give your custom bow an added flair.  These Accents pair especially well with a Black G10 Riser and Carbon or Black glass. Available in Blue, Green, and Orange. 

*Black, Red, and White Glass Accents are included in our Base Price.

Custom Build Deposit

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